Gedeon Richter Ltd is the largest pharmaceutical factory in Hungary. It was established by Mr. Gedeon Richter, a pharmacist in 1901. Mr. Richter is not only the founder of the company, but the establishment of his firm also marked the beginning of the development of the Hungarian pharmaceutical industry. A vertically integrated firm, Gedeon Richter Ltd carries out research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of human finished drugs, active substances and intermediates. Production takes place at two sites in Hungary: Budapest and Dorog. The company also has production facilities abroad, in Russia, Romania, the Ukraine and India. The company has a product range covering several therapeutic areas. It manufactures about one hundred kinds of pharmaceuticals in more than 170 presentations. Among its products are original, generic and licensed preparations. Gedeon Richter Ltd’s products cover numerous therapeutic areas, with special emphasis on the production and development of drugs for the central nervous system, as well as antiulcer agents, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal preparations as well as oral contraceptives.